SenseWay IoT Communication Platform First to Deploy Nation-wide LoRaWAN Base Station Network in Japan

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SenseWay Mission Connect

SenseWay Launched LoRaWAN Nation-wide Service

We are the first to deploy nation-wide LoRaWAN (a Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) protocol) base stations in Japan.

Two-way Communication

Users can connect their LoRaWAN devices to our base staions in Japan and perform two- way communication.

Users are able connect to SenseWay’s

LoRaWAN server via the internet, and establish two-way communication.

30yen and up per device

IoT Business Development Consulting Service

SenseWay provides Business Consulting Services utilizing LPWA's LoRaWAN. We have a powerful resource for IoT business development.

Consultants for
business development

Engineers familiar with
LoRaWAN and open source

Matching strong partners
in various fields


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