Board of Directors | SenseWay Inc.

  • Yuzo Jimbo
    CEOYuzo Jimbo
    Joined Nifty Corporation in 1991, and after various other roles including executive officer, left Nifty and joined SenseWay Inc. as executive director in Nov, 2017.
  • Kaoru Shindo
    Founder PresidentKaoru Shindo
    Worked for a major video game company and developed applications for home video game consoles. After leaving Hudson, joined a Japanese satellite broadcasting TV station as a founding member. Experienced in operating large-scale services. Established Next-Generation Communication Planning corporation(now SenseWay Inc.) in Mar 2017. CEO of SenseWay Inc.
  • Masaru Murai
    SenseWay Outside DirectorMasaru Murai
    Former general manager of IT control, IBM Japan, founded Compaq and was the president of Compaq Computer Japan. Mr. Murai was the chairman of Foreign Information Industry Forum, and the governor of American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Mr. Murai supported establishing more than 10 venture and startup companies, and serves as part-time director, and advisor. Mr. Murai is the first chairman of Entrepreneur of the Year Japan review committee. Mr. Murai joined SenseWay Inc. as outside director in Nov, 2017.